Fat Buster Fridays

…Or Any Other Weekday

Come and support your weight loss goals in just under an hour by using the BioCharger NG. This researched approach to energetic fat burning can help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals.

Bring friends or family and make it a party! (Up to four people.) Call for an appointment today! 720.744.2655

  • No Pills
  • Enjoy the company of friends while sitting around the modern-day campfire
  • No commitments
  • Non-invasive

How Does it work?

This recipe specifically helps with healthy digestion and fat metabolism.

Sourced from research published by the Frequency Foundation, which has been identifying frequencies which help remove fat, particularly from the gut, these frequencies were individualized and now appear to be related to certain bacteria and viruses.

Certain bacteria like Methanobrevibacter smithii remove waste products, allow other bacteria to proliferate, and increase the fat content of the body by 15% in animal studies. Frequencies for this and other bacteria are included in this frequency set. Certain viruses have similar effects. The inability of the liver to process fructose causes problems and frequencies to help are included.